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May 04, 2012


Chick-with-foil-hatIt’s not often when an equipment supplier has to stand up and apologize in public. 

This is one of those times. And we are one of those companies willing to do so. So consider this our mea culpa.

We recently received this actual correspondance (click on email below) from a concerned party about a new promotional video that we developed (view the video below).  It was meant to be a tongue and cheek piece about how religious we are about Wi-Fi. But it backfired.

For years, wireless vendors of all variety have been preaching the benefits of their technologies.  We’ve all seen the ads…happy, attractive, young professionals using their laptop, smartphone or tablet to access the Internet wirelessly from unusually remote locations.  Email

We’re led to believe that being able to view cute kitten videos while perched on a bluff above a sunset drenched beach will greatly enrich our lives and give us an LOL feeling that will never go away.  It’s a digital utopia brought to you by your chosen Wi-Fi, cellular, 3G/4G vendor, through the magical portal of that cool little device you carry in your pocket.

But it’s all a lie.

Some believe that the brilliant [yet sinister] marketing minds in the industry have manufactured this New World Vision simply to cover up the real reason our companies are pushing for pervasive wireless coverage:  spiritual domination. But this is NOT our goal or plan at Ruckus Wireless.

As the thinking goes, it’s all part of a massive, highly-organized plan to take over the souls of the world’s unsuspecting population.  The idea is elegantly simple at its core…if we can control every individual on the planet, we control everything.  We can control the labor force, we can control commerce, we can eliminate territorial boundaries, we can deem individual governments obsolete, we can end war...and we will profit handsomely.

Well, we would have profited handsomely, if not for the work of one incredibly brave whistleblower.  This individual somehow uncovered our plans, and as a result, Ruckus is ready to come clean.  Here's the "wireless commercial" to which the email refers.

We are willing to stand up for the human race and pledge to do no evil [for reals].  We have seen the light…and our focus now is to relentlessly pursue justice for the common man, and utilize all of our resources to expose the plot for World Wide Wireless (WWW).

This is our commitment to mankind – for the record.

It's nice to know the Internet
can still blow our mind on occasion.





I understand the pressure to market a product creatively where the "jingle" sticks and clearly expresses the company vision. This ad does so on so many levels. Good job. Too bad people took the ad wrong.

The original still holds it's own. http://www.ignitermedia.com/mini-movies/4/Thats-My-King

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