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June 29, 2016

Delivering a Seamless Guest Experience



Author: Diana Shtil, Product Marketing Manager


The Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) 2016 took place in New Orleans last week, bringing together over 300 companies who all specialize in products, services, and solutions for the hospitality industry. From pay management systems, robots that deliver room service, and even high-resolution televisions, HITEC showcased true innovation that any hotel guest would wish to have. HITEC

So what is all the hype about? Isn’t a robot a little bit over the top? Well, HITEC and the broader hospitality community would argue no, it is just what is needed! Hotels are becoming an extension of the home and when traveling for a day or a month, customers want an unforgettable experience. A clean bed and mint on the pillow are no longer enough. Hoteliers are finding new ways of going above and beyond, whether it is shorter check-in times, additional in-room amenities, or personalized promotions.

Sure, not all hotels can afford to offer an unlimited amount of amenities, so it is key that they provide what all travelers are looking for. And this is food, shelter, electricity, and reliable Wi-Fi. When people are on the go, they carry multiple devices; a phone, tablet, and laptop to name a few. And they expect to connect seamlessly, especially when not at home. Hotels have to provide wireless connectivity that delivers reliable service despite interference from neighboring devices and high-density surges. ACCOR Hotels knew this challenge all to well, and partnered with Ruckus Wireless to deploy reliable connectivity at over 4,000 properties world-wide. It is more than just connecting your guests, but connecting with your guests to provide an unforgettable experience that makes them come back again and again.

June 22, 2016

Insight and Control: Solving the ‘Wi-Fi Everywhere’ Problem

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Since the first networks were invented, and even up until now, systems administrators needed insight to identify when things went wrong and control to make it right. It’s a known fact that the reason a modern racecar can be driven so fast is because of better brakes. In networking, the insight and control provided by a single management console are the brakes that drive high performance.

The proliferation of mobile devices and BYOD requires any enterprise network to have top performing Wi-Fi. But it is a myth that you can use Wi-Fi everywhere, and the fact is that you need a high performing wired/wireless solution.

If you want a high-performance network – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – you cannot achieve it with a single wired or wireless solution. In fact, you cannot achieve it with a single vendor solution. Having a better dashboard is required to keep you on the road.

With the release of Brocade Network Advisor 14.0 (BNA), you have the insight and control needed to manage a top performing wired/wireless network. Within a single-site or multi-site campus, Ruckus Wireless controllers and access points can now be discovered and monitored by BNA 14.0 from Brocade.

BNA provides a single pane of glass for the highest performing networks in the enterprise. Brocade wired and Ruckus wireless solutions are now combined into a tightly integrated end-to-end solution. With this single management console, customers quickly collect metrics and traffic flows to detect issues and expedite trouble-shooting.

For more information visit Brocade’s Community Forums or reach out to your local Brocade or Ruckus account team.